Heating without Gas or Electricity

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One cool November day, at the construction site next door things were quite busy one minute and then completely still the next. A notice posted in your building’s stairwell informs you that during the construction work, lines for power and gas were damaged. Thus, the electricity and gas have been switched off.

Accidents like this happen time and again. The scenario where electricity and gas are switched off for private households due to a national gas shortage is a highly unlikely one. Private households, certain social institutions, and critical infrastructure are by law given special protection. Even if reserves start to dwindle, these groups will still be supplied with gas.

If suddenly gas and electricity are turned off thanks to the construction site next door, if you’re prepared, it’s hardly an issue – even if heating isn’t possible right then with no gas or electricity.

Heat without Electricity? Here’s How to Keep Things Warm

Though having the heat turned off isn’t quite so easy to replace, there are certainly tips and tricks to keep things from getting truly cold. First off, blankets and warm clothing give a good layer of basic protection against the cold. If need be, use several layers of clothing and blankets on top of one another.

The best solution, however, is to have an alternative method of heating available in order to keep at least one room warm. A wood stove or wood-burning oven is a great option here with sufficient charcoal, briquettes, or wood. There are also portable heaters that can be powered by liquid gas or odorless petroleum oil.

Warning: under no circumstances should you try to heat your house or apartment with an open fire or grill. This is not only a fire hazard, but can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning!

More Information and Tips

In a power outage, it’s not just the heating that has gone out, but the lights, oven, and stove as well. You’ll find other tips on how to get through a power outage without trouble in the articles below:

In the article “How to prepare for disasters?” (only available in English) put out by the German Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance you will find numerous other tips and additional information on power outages and other emergencies.

Click here for a checklist on preparing for a power or gas outage to download and print.

Checklist For A Power or Gas Outage

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This is a checklist that explains how to heat, cook or provide lighting in an emergency without electricity or gas and what precautions should be taken.